The Process & How we can help

For over 25 years we have helped many customers that have had complaints against large retailers or manufacturers that are not satisfied with their upholstered furniture due to a number of complaints including:

Book a Free Home Visit

We can help with all your retail upholstered furniture complaints and disputes when you contact Rowlands Reupholstery your details will be taken and we will arrange an appointment and time that suits you.

Our fully trained and experienced inspector will visit your home and discuss the problems and will take detailed photos to show the problems clearly.
Including details including date of purchase - Name or the Retailer or Store details - Item details e.g Sofa,Chair,Stool,Headboard etc before conducting a full overall inspection of the faulty goods to asses the problems that have caused your complaint.

The information is made into a full report outlining the issues and advising on the next outcome e.g Refund - Repair - Replacement etc.
Then sent to you via post or email with images direct to you and the retail/store involved.
The inspection fee is payable on the day of visit by cheque or cash or by Debit or Credit Card over the phone 01472 230332.
The inspection fee can be generally be recovered if your furniture complaint is upheld and successful in the form of retailer compensation.

Note: Our Furniture Reports are made clear and will accurately give the retailer or manufacturer a clear view of your complaint.
We cannot guarantee any outcome of the claim / dispute, only assist you in the Reporting process. Very often this is all that is required as most of our customers successfully achieve a satisfactory outcome once the Report is used.